The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose|Book Review

The Perfect Marriage

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Release Date:
December 29, 2020

Author: Jeneva Rose

Thriller, Psychological Suspense

Publishers: Dreamscape Media

Adam and Sarah seem to have the perfect marriage. But as we all know as perfect as a marriage seems usually means that there’s something really wrong. Now Adam is upset that Sarah works so much and he doesn’t really make any money she makes all the money. He wants her to spend more time with him but he also wants her to pay for this nice fancy getaway house That he can use to write. But he ends up shortly after buying the house meeting a girl in this town and becoming involved with her both of them are married and he is likely going to leave his wife for her.

The girl ends up being murdered she stabbed like 37 times and he ends up being the lead suspect. Now she is an attorney and so she takes on his case even though it’s a conflict of interest. So she goes to the police who are investigating and try to get them to target the third person that seems to have been with this girl at some point and So there’s three Men who DNA left inside of her Adams her husband Scott who is a police officer and another man that they’re trying to figure out who’s it is.

So throughout this whole process she is trying to be strong and stand there by her husband and a lot of people assume that she is in or just a victim here and they think that her husband really did it and she is trying to fight this case for him but he keeps going and doing crazy things Like breaking his house arrest and then once he is arrested he is sneaking out and escaping. Just all the things that you wouldn’t want a client to do and someone that is innocent probably wouldn’t do. But he is determined to find a way out here out of this and doesn’t think that his wife has his best interest at heart he even hires a reporter that gives him some information on is mistress in her past life and the people in it.

This was so good I had no idea what was going on maybe I’m crazy but that did not hit me. I think I thought this was done really well and I was so off track whenever I was thinking who did it. Although at the beginning that person was a suspect for me but I can’t to quickly went away without any evidence obviously just The way they acted I guess and the alibi.

I had no idea the extent dedication this person had and all the other assorted details in it that the ending really gave out. I had no idea that any of that was happen is kind of weird I mean I’m not saying it couldn’t happen just so I have no indication of a happening at all kind of makes you wonder.

I may end up listening to this one again just to see if I see anything that I didn’t before knowing what I know now is interesting to see what what I missed.

I think that Neil Hellegers and Teri Schnaubelt did a fantastic job with the narration on this book. And I will definitely listen to something of theirs again.


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*This book was received via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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