Book Review |My Dead Husband by NJ Moss|Thriller

My Dead Husband

Release Date:
March 7, 2022

Author: NJ Moss

Narrator: Ella Lynch

Thriller, Fiction

Publishers: Dreamscape Media

This review my contain spoilers.

First, I enjoyed listening to the narrator, Ella Lynch. She did a wonderful job. I would gladly listen to another book narrated by her.

This book was so fucked up. Saying it is twisted does not describe the level of this book. I can’t believe I finished it. I really think it was just a waste of my time. It is a bunch of fucked up people that are all needing to be in a psychiatric ward or maybe even a prison. As soon as she saw her past, I knew what the mother-in-law was trying to say. This was not groundbreaking but instead this was very different from anything I’ve read, in very grotesque way. I like twisted but this is a whole different level and just becomes sick. I think that the author should probably get some psychiatric help. Now if this was a story based on a real life situation I would be more interested and out to think it was a good book but this is fiction which makes me think “What the fuck are you into”.

I am strongly convinced that the people in the story are horrible and I pray that they do not depict people in real life that this man knows. It is very revolved around rape, revenge and calculated people. There is no words to describe this book and how much disgust I felt reading it. The only reason I even finished it was because it was a NetGalley review book and I don’t want to give a review if I didn’t read it till the end.

I think the only two people in this book that are not completely horrible, sick, depraved characters would be Ellie and Fred. Although both of them hit some kind of mental breakdown situation at some point, I don’t think they are as mental as others might assume. That’s my unprofessional opinion. Although, we could all hit a psychotic break like that or a mental breakdown or whatever you wanna call it under high stress situations like that. It’s kind of like the flight or fight mode and some people’s brain will literally shut down, block, or snap as some people say. And that’s kind of what this sounds like with these two characters.

Every other character in his book should probably be locked up in a psychiatric hospital padded room with straight jackets. The mother can’t distinguish fantasy from reality which makes her a danger to others if not herself. The husband is a danger to others and most people would think he needs prison but he has a lot of mental issues because of his freak of a mother. The mother-in-law is the worst. I’m not sure why she is doing the creepy things she does so I’m not sure but she seems like she is a psychopath and dangerous to everyone around her. However, I am not an expert on any of this, that is just my opinion.

I think this book would be great for anyone in the mental healthcare capacity who work with people who have been sexually/physically abused, psychotic breakdowns, psychopaths, rape trauma, pedophilia, incest. There are probably some benefits reading this book at that point but for the average person I think this is probably a creep-feast and will probably make you throw up.

I really hope that no one ever recommends a book like this to me. I don’t recall reading a discription that was so grotesque but maybe I didn’t notice it. I don’t know why I thought this book sounded like it would be good.

I just looked at my NetGalleyShelf description and it says that it does say it has domestic violence, abuse, rape, pedophilia, vulgar language, incest, mental issues and trauma. I’m wondering if it said that when I first read the review and requested the book because I don’t recall that. I wouldn’t have read it! Although maybe I just overlooked it or maybe they put it in since getting reviews about how disgusting it is. I don’t know. Here’s the discription without the warning at the bottom

Ellie managed to escape from husband Kayden’s vicious abuse—and since learning from her mother-in-law that he’s taken his own life, she’ll never have to worry about him again.

But instead of relief, Ellie is now experiencing terror in the form of frightening phone calls, hostile strangers on the street, and what appears to be deliberate sabotage of her writing career. Thinking she’s spotted a reflection of Kayden’s face only makes her wonder if she’s having a breakdown… again.

With the help of a new man in her life, Ellie intends to head to Scotland and find out once and for all what is real and what is illusion—but the deeper her investigation goes, the darker the truth becomes…


Sounds like an interesting thriller right?! Well, I wish they would put the disclaimer at the top instead of the bottom and before negative reviews! I am saying that but I don’t usually care for disclaimers but when you have something this disturbing then maybe you should. I am 100% certain that the disclaimer is new, especially after seeing others comments.

I wish I would have never read this book!


This man used to be a ghost writer. (I am wondering to which books.) This is his third thriller since becoming an author himself.
There’s not much else about him on his author pages here and here.

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