So You Want to Build a Library by Lindsay Leslie

Releases Aug 1, 2021

This picture book takes children on an imaginative adventure of building a library and all the possibilities that holds. It is a fantastical and fun tale.

I had high hopes for this book. It sounded amazing. While it didn’t live up to it, I believe the concept is great. The point I’d hope is to get children thinking about what they would do if they build a library. Children loving books enough to want to is great. So if this book helps children feel closer to books then it has my vote.

I suggest having your children think about what they would do if they could build their own library. Perhaps have them draw a picture or paint one. Have them tell you their creative library as a story or to actually write it out on paper. Another great idea would be to record their story with your phone or a camera so that one day they can look back and see their amazing thoughts.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for providing me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Let me know the wonderful things your children’s imaginations come up with or your own ideas on your ideal library.


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