Burn Out

I love posting every day on this site. I know lately I have been posting less frequently. I have been working so much and then with everything else in my life going on, I’ve just burnt out. I am going to take a break this for about a week and just focus on resting and loving myself. I really have been needing some relaxation without any deadlines or things that need to get done.

I just need a week without any to-do lists. I just need to be able to relax and not need to be doing something else. I think with everything going on lately I have just been overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. So I am clearing all my lists and not giving myself any expectations in hopes that when I come back in a week I will be well rested and ready to fresh start a new track.

In the meantime feel free to go check out some of my older posts or suggest things you would like to see me review. I’d love to know what you are going to be up to this week. Do you need a break too? Any vacation or staycation plan?

See you soon!

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