A Great Day For A Hug by Mack van Gagldonk

Releases on July 6, 2021


A new day at the farm! The chickens are laying eggs. The cows are giving milk. And Chick? Chick can do something very special. Hug! Follow along as Chick brightens all the animals’ day with a hug. It is a sweet reminder about making time to just be present for each other and doing little things to spread kindness.

A cute book full of farm animals and hugs. For sweet readers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child’s world.
—Sourced from NetGalley

Mini Review:

Chick is very loving and caring. Chick enjoys helping everyone out on the farm and brightening up there day. A great book for toddlers. This book will help teach animals that you will find on the farm. You might read this to early elementary students to help them learn how to read these animal words.


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