TTT: Books On My Summer 2021 TBR (June 15)

The books on my summer TBR from June through August are going to be long so I will just have the pictures, each will lead to the Amazon description page so you can find out more information and/or order yours. I always have extremely long TBR’s for each month (30+). This is just a tentative list.

My NetGalley To-Reads:

I ended up with way more ARCs than I thought I would and so let’s see how many I can get to before their release. Hopefully I can get them all read and not get more behind.


These are books I am wanting to read but I may read others as well. These are just a short list of ones I know I want to try to get to but I am only going to push myself to read one for each month.


These are some that I am wanting to read from my own stash, classics, have on hold form the library or just can’t wait to get to.

I know that is way more than ten but I guess I like to challenge myself and don’t know how to just do ten.

9 thoughts on “TTT: Books On My Summer 2021 TBR (June 15)

  1. Wow you have a long list! It’s good to see some non-fiction readers, I love non-fiction but I find most other book bloggers mostly read fiction. I will be interested to read your reviews.

    1. I love fiction but I tend to read a lot of business and finance books as well. I will sometimes read other non-fiction as well. I have some up on my blog already. What kind of non-fiction do you enjoy?

      1. I really like those too and I like the happiness books. Oh have you read Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards? I love her. It was good. Her site is more about the science of people.

      2. Oh your welcome! I hope you enjoy it. You can see her website here and her youtube here
        I love this kind of stuff along with business books.
        There are so many books out there about people but I really like her and the way she explains everything through her experiences. Feels less like a self help dry guide and more like a friend telling you their experiences which is nice.

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