Book Review | The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds by Bobbi Holmes


Everything is right on track for Danielle as she prepares for the grand opening of her bed and breakfast. All that changes when her cousin, Cheryl, shows up to claim her share of the inheritance—housemate Lily figures out there is a ghost in the house—and the million dollar necklace goes missing.

There is blood on someone’s hands and if Danielle isn’t careful she’ll be moving from Marlow House to the Big House.
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Danielle intends to wear the jewels she inherited in the last book during her open house to introduce the world to her new Bed and Breakfast when her cousin shows up and throws a wrench in everything.

Cheryl is insistent that her aunt must have forgotten to leave her in the will as well due to the Alzheimer’s in her later years. Now she thinks she is half owner of the house and the jewels. Danielle does try to tell her that their aunt just didn’t know her and Danielle and her actually stayed in touch and had a relationship but Cheryl refuses to believe that. She is her to stay and create chaos instead.

While Danielle is dealing with Cheryl, trying to figure things out with her attorney someone ends up dead and Danielle is a suspect. Lily found out that Danielle can see ghost and that Marlow House still houses Marlow.

All this and more has Danielle’s life turned upside down. She has to find out what really happened.

This is another great installment in this series that I can’t wait to continue reading. I can’t wait to see what comes of Marlow House in the next book!

If you enjoy cozy mystery series like I do and ghost stories, I definitely recommend you pick this one up as soon as you can. I just want the next book! Have you read this? Who is your favorite character in this story?

I really love Marlow. He is my favorite Character but I love the friendship that Danielle and Lily have as well. What about you?

I listened to this in an audiobook narrated by Romy Nordlinger. She did an excellent job. I like her voice and the way she casts the characters is wonderful. (I listened at x3 speed.)

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