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I am in desperate need of a cleanup job on my Goodreads TBR. I know many of you are thinking that you have the same problem but my list started at 10,490. While I would love to get to all of them, I know that is not going to happen in this lifetime, especially with so many interesting books rolling out every week.

This is the Down the TBR Hole from Lost In A Story. Follow the link to see the post. I am going to start with 25 books each week, with an option to do a part 2 or 3 if I have the time for it one week. I feel like this is a good starting point for me since there are so many books on my list. Honestly, I should probably work on deleting at least 25 per week. Right? Now I will just have to limit the books I put back into it. I am not sure how well that’s going to pan out.

My list is now to down to 10,089. I want to get down under 10,000 during June. Let’s see if I can do it. Do you think I can do it?

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The Hope of Refuge by Cindy Woodmall

This is the first in the Ada’s House series. I do enjoy an Amish tale. I love to read about the old ways of living. This has an outside in it as well. I think I would really enjoy this one.


The Gallery of Vanished Husbands by Natasha Solomons

I’m sure I picked this up because I really love the audio version of The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons. This one doesn’t have many reviews on Goodreads, less than 2,000. I think I’ll keep it and see if I can give it some more love since the average review is 3.55 stars and it is about a historical fiction set in London 1960’s that focus’ on Jewish woman whose husband disappears for years and she can’t legally divorce him. She decides to have an affair after being asked to pose for a portrait.


North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

This is supposed to be a classic that represents the south during the time of slavery. I love historical fiction novels so I will be keeping this one on the list.


Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange

The first in the Jane Austen Heroes series. While I might very well like this one, I think I am going to have to pass. I love the Jane Austen movies and have read a couple fan fiction novels that I really enjoyed, I think it would be more important to read the actual Jane Austen novels first.


The Centurion’s Wife by Davis Bunn

This is the first in the Acts of Faith series. This does sound like another I am still interested in reading. With my reading list so long I know that I am never going to get through them all. I just can’t seem to let them go.


Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun. By Bobbi Conner

While I put this on the list to help me with ideas for my young children, I find it no longer relevant to my life right now. I think someone with younger children would find this extremely useful but my baby is now 10 and at the end of this books age range so I am going to let it go.


The King’s Favorite by Susan Holloway Scott

This is yet another one that I feel I have read before but didn’t get marked as read. I will likely read it again though or if I didn’t before I will. I really love these royal based books. I know I have read more than a few of them.


Leeway Cottage by Beth Gutcheon

This is a historical fiction novel set in 1940’s Denmark. Nazi’s. Hitler. WWII and how one family plays a part in the rescue of seven thousand Jews. How can this not be read. Another one that has so few ratings on Goodreads.


Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper

Historical fiction about Shakespeare’s mistress. Hmmm. Sounding interesting to me.


The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

This is ten in The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels Series. One of my favorite historical fiction novels. I haven’t read the first book but I own most if not all of the series. I will be reading this but since it is not the first in the series, I am going to let it go like I said I would in previous post. I know I don’t need every book in a series on my list. I will use keep the first ones on the list and as I read them I can add the next one to the list.

I will keep the Lady of the Rivers but get ride of numbers 3, 7, 10 of course, 12, 13, 14

GONE (6)

The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber

This is one on multiple lists I want to attempt to read all the books from and I own it. I think it sounds interesting.


On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves

This is the first in the On the Island series. This seems like a fun summer read. I enjoy movies with survival issues. I’m not sure how I feel about a barely legal student, in remission, coming of age to have an affair with his teacher/tutor.

After reading some of the reviews, while many are 5 stars, I think I will pass on this one.


The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

This is number 9 of the same series from above and will go as well.


Dantes’ Inferno by Sarah Lovett

This is number four in the Dr. Sylvia Strange series. It looks like a mystery I might have read a long time ago but I think it’s gotta go now.


A Tangled Web by Judith Michael

Oh this sounds like it might be interesting. I want to know if her sister really is alive in Europe. Did she fake her own death?


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen R. Covey

I will read it. I should have done it forever ago. I have even checked it out at the library and didn’t have a chance to read it.


The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory

I picked this up when I first started homeschooling my children. It was one recommended by some of the people I was following then. I still think I have it on my shelves but I am going to let it go. If I decide I wish to read it later I can.


King’s Fool by Margaret Campbell Barnes

Another historical fiction I can’t give up. I want to read this. I really wish I had more time this month for some of these reads. I tend to love these types of novels but I can’t read many of them around the same time due to them being so heavy.

Although this is the 6th in a series and I know I should get ride of it just for that. I have no intentions of reading this series and thing this one could be read as a stand alone. I also own a physical copy of this one.


The Darling Strumpet by Gillian Bagwell

I think I am going to let this one go. I would likely enjoy it if I read it but I just don’t know when I’ll get around to it.


The Perfect Royal Mistress by Diane Haeger

And another one. So I was really looking to read about Neil Gwynn in 2013. I think I will let this one go unless I find it hidden in my stacks at home or come across it one day and decide to pick it up.


Rival to the Queen by Carolly Erickson

A historical fiction about Henry the VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and her cousin, Lettice Knollys. Definitely still interested.


The King’s Daughter by Christie Dickason

A historical fiction. This one is about Queen Elizabeth I.


A McKettrick Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

While this is number ten in the McKettricks series I love Christmas stories which is why this one is probably on here in the first place. I have not read any of this series though so I will let it go but I may have it with all my Christmas books so it may return.


A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber

I believe this one is in my Christmas book stash. I am going to get ride of it on my list because it is number 8.5 in the Cedar Cove series but I am going to add 16 Lighthouse Road, which is the first in this series.


The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren

I actually read this years ago but didn’t mark it. I think I will work it into my one of my Christmas reading lists this year.


So, let’s see how well I did at this purge.

14 Keep | 17 Gone | New Total 10,072

I think I did ok in this round of clean ups.

I am considering giving myself a set time for reading these or purging them as well. Perhaps a year. I was thinking 6 months but I’m not sure that is possible with all the NetGalley books I have piled up and with my reading groups, #AuthorAMonth, #Pimberlitten(which should help decrease those Austen novels), Classics and other reading goals. Yes, I know I have a problem.

I’ll see you again soon.

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