Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to wish all of you lovely mother’s out there a Wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day! I know being a mother is a never-ending, thankless job.

Children are our blessings even in the most trying of times. I know I love my babies and would never change them for the world.

My first baby isn’t a baby anymore. She is 18, turning 19 in a few months. My son is about to turn 17 this summer. My baby is 10. Then, I have a couple that I didn’t give birth to but I love as well. I love them all so much and the time flies by. Remember that for those of you with young ones, these day are the ones you’ll look back on and miss. I know I do.

Unfortunately, my mother is moved on from this world and I know longer have the gift of spending today with her. I hope you all remember to show your mom how much you love her today… and everyday! Little things matter with mom’s. A thank you, I love you, or just a call to say your thinking of her would likely be welcome any day of the year.

Moms, keep up the great job! You’ve got this!

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