Readathon Creation Thoughts

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I have been considering creating a readathon for a while now. I’m thinking August to celebrate my birthday. I’m thinking a whole month long readathon that has a prompt for every year. Possibly a bingo board for your chosen prompts and an photo challenge for Instagram and Litsy. I’m thinking maybe having a point system to in order to have a gift card prize for the most points or maybe just a drawing from participants that meet a set of requirements. I have never hosted or cohosted one before but have participated in many.

However, I thought I would see if there are any of you who have any suggestions. Do you have things you like or dislike about readathons? Are there any tips. Do you like participating on many platforms or just one? Which ones? What are your favorite readathons and why?

I know there are so many people with different preferences but I am interested in seeing what y’all have to offer as far as suggestions, tips, likes and dislikes. I know whatever I do is ultimately up to me but I thought it would be fun to get y’all involved in the prepping of this. If there are any of you out there that have hosted/cohosted a readathon I’d love to hear from you.

Would you be interested in participating in this readathon with me?

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