Book Review | A Hundred Suns by Karin Tanable


Secrets, lies, deception, betrayal but so much more.

Jessie enters Vietnam with such hope of a better future both for herself and her husband. This is quickly shattered dream with things start going wrong.

She starts to think she is going insane with everything that’s happening. Is she hallucinating? She is sure things are happening but others insist that nothing of the sort did. There are drugs and drinking.

All this while her husband is there to run the family plantations. He is of the Michelins. This is his chance to show them that he can do more. The chance to have some control. He is trying to keep the workers in line with the uprisings that have been going on but it won’t be so easy.


I was kept in suspense the whole time. It was a very well written book and was definitely worth the read. I couldn’t decide if she was going insane or if there was something else going on. Every time I decided, I would change my mind soon after.

I thought the characters were complex and interesting. There was plenty of history played out to really give you a sense of them and their motives.

I disliked the back and forth of the timeline because I listened to the audiobook version which did not let me know the timeline had changed so I was confused every time it occurred and I had to get adjusted to the switch each time, which was rather annoying. It would have been nice if there would have been a date or something like current day. This would probably have been easier to understand if I would have read it vs listening to it.

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