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This is about finding your WHY and sticking to your goals to better yourself. How you should focus on your own achievements to increase your goals and not what others do. There is a wealth of information here on how to prioritize and keep going even on the hard days. Remembering that one day does not always determine whether you had a successful day or not due to so many factors.

It is told with the use of three employees that are different in their approach to work. There are also references to the Badgers which will appeal to sports fans as well.

Dave also has a podcast called The Game Changer Life that you can check out. He has also written several other business books as well. He has worked at a Fortune 50 company and was a leading sales person. He has also written many articles. If you would like to learn more about the author you can find that here.

Staying motivated for many is a struggle which is why this book is a must read. This is a guide to help you measure your successes and failures against yourself and your own accomplishments instead of others and not rely on others for affirmations of a job well done. This is such a great book. There are also resources that the book suggests that can help you more and expand on what you learn within the book.

It is definitely a book to reread for me. I will be going back over this and trying to stay on track with this one. I loved that it focuses on you and what you can do and not on others and how your everyday choices can make a huge difference in your success.

While this does cover three different employees, it also has a lot of references to the Badgers. I am not a big sports fan so I was not extremely interested in those parts but the rest of this book was very good.

If you have career goals this book is definitely a motivational and inspiring book just on the surface but if you really take the time to follow this guide you will likely achieve so much more and isn’t that the point? So order yours today!
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This was given via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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