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Releases on April 20, 2021


Ryan and Evelyn are thrust into a competition against one another while having to work together as well. They grew up in the same small town together and had crushes on one another but never knew it.

In this rivalries turned lovers romance you get to experience a charming town that is there for one another. The whole town is centered around weddings from the shoes and dresses to the venue to flowers. Everyone seems to have something to bring to the table to make this town an ideal wedding destination.

This is why their are chosen for the competition destination. They must compete to see who will get to host a wedding that will be the feature story. Things are not that easy and the wedding couple have some struggles of their own to get through and Ryan and Evelyn are assigned to be there for them, whatever they need. This is where they are able to remember the long lost feelings they once had. But will they be able to get through competition results without destroying what they are just starting?


This was a cute romance of childhood crushes finding out they had a thing for one another way back when and never knew it. After reconnecting their feelings for one another are still there but they also are pitted against one another which creates some tension. The story itself was good but there were a few part that irritated me. When two grown folks can’t seem to get control of their emotions that they refuse to tell the other of their feelings and there are parts of the story where the wedding couple are going to leave each other because he’s going to be shipped off sooner than expected. This is childish crap that makes me think people shouldn’t be getting married and doesn’t appeal to me in a romance. I know it created tension between the oh-so-perfectly in love couple but I don’t think it was good. Aside from my issue of the tension causing scenes and the childish attitudes portrayed by adult in the book, this was a pretty good, quick read.

My favorite part of the book was the setting and vibe even though I could have gone for descriptions.

I know there are some who like the things I disliked about the book and I would suggest you read it if you are thinking I’m crazy for having those opinions because you love those things. Go read it! It is a pretty average book for me but it may well be your next favorite.

If you think that might be you, order yours here.
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Let me know what your favorite romance tropes are. Or what you hate most. I am always interested in others thoughts. I personally don’t mind this trope.

I don’t read romance as often as some of you but I enjoy it from time to time. Those times are ones I usually end up binge reading them and get burnt out. I usually prefer romance as a side story but have really been in the mood for more since reading How to Fail at Flirting and This Time Next Year.

This was given in exchange for an honest review vis NetGalley.

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