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Zach and Emily have been dating since high school. Dylan is Emily’s best friend and Zach’s brother.

Emily finds an engagement and doesn’t think Dylan should be thinking about marriage when he barely knows his girlfriend. She sets out to find out if he really cares about her. In doing so she discovers more than she intends.


Emily was rather annoying. Her friends tried to tell her she needs to just tell Dylan she saw the ring. She insist on secrets and plotting to find out if he really cares for his girlfriend enough to marry her. This to me is not something you would do to your best friend. The secrets and set ups are ridiculous. Why can they not just talk to one another like adults.

The distance with her boyfriend but not wanting to just break things off with him and always having an excuse really annoyed me. I think the story line is actually probably pretty obscured enough to actually happen in real life. Seems that people are actually this ridiculous.

It is a pretty quick read if you want all the college student/high school drama it entails. I’m not sure what I was hoping for but this wasn’t it. I liked Dylan and Emily’s friendship. Dylan would be an excellent boyfriend since he is so attentive, supportive and caring.

This would probably be more appealing to a younger crowd. If you enjoy college student drama or are in that age demographic this might appeal to you.

This was given by NetGalley for an honest review.

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