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Anna Hart is a missing persons detective who is goes back to her hometown to get away from her own tragedy but in doing so she ends up on a case. She is trying to find a missing girl that has going missing. As she continues her investigation she discovers there may be a link between some of the other missing cases off young girls.

Anna is a workaholic and ends up spending all her recovery time on this case instead of dealing with her own issues. She becomes emotionally invested in the case. Will she let her feelings jeopardize the case? Will the girl be found dead or can they save her before it’s to late?

This was a decent thriller. For me it wasn’t one of the best. The ending wrapped up nice and neat so if that is your thing, this book may be one to pick up.

I disliked not knowing the tragedy she was running from in the beginning but don’t think it had a huge impact over the story.

There is a lot of talk about the wilderness and survival but I didn’t think there was much to it other than talk. There was a couple scenes in the woods but nothing like what the beginning of the book would make you believe. Since I really enjoy camping, hiking, survival skills, and just nature in general, I was expecting more when it was first brought up. I think the cover is beautiful, though.

If you like the idea of nature more than the actual hardness of it then you might enjoy the setting. The story itself was nothing groundbreaking but was decent enough. If you enjoy stories where detective/police are looking to solve a crime this might be right for you. Although, personally I’m not big on them myself but this sounded good. If you like CSI or Law and Order this might be perfect for you.

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