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Opal the Octopus is overwhelmed because she overloads her schedule with everything she and everyone else wants her to do. She becomes so overloaded that she doesn’t have time to do the things she wants anymore because she’s doing too much of what others want her to do. It becomes worse when she stays up late to study for her test and ends up being so tired he day is effected. Her mother talks to her about how she needs to R.E.S.E.T.


Opal learns that she needs to take better care of herself and be mindful of what she allows to consume her time. This is something I see parents do to there children so often as well. Many adults tend to have the same problem with overbooking their schedule with everything.

This can take a toll on child and adult alike and this book does a good job of opening the door to a better understanding of how to overcome it. Parents need to step up to help their children unburdened themselves from this before they become adults who do this. This is an excellent tool to do just that with inviting pictures that will have your children wanting to pick this up.

At the end of the book it has a section on how parents can help their children reach a more relaxed schedule that doesn’t stress them out to the point of exhaustion. We all need to learn how to say no.

My only negative about this book is that I wish it would have been taken to the next level with actual dialogue, instead of it being narrated to you. I would have loved it that much more if we could have seen and heard Opal’s interactions with her friends and mom.

Overall, I would give this 4 stars.

I would recommend this to anyone with a child or even an adult who is overworked and always so busy they can’t enjoy themselves. I know many parents who need to read this with their child and many adults who need to hear the message that this book offers. This is for everyone. Those who are to young to be experiencing this problem should read it before this problem emerges and those who are going through it now will learn how to fix it.
Then, there is the vibe I get from this book that reminds me of Oh from Home.

This book was given by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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