Book Review | Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson


The love of a mother. How one seemingly simple decision can change multiple lives. Now and the future. The choices we make have a ripple effect and you never know what those will be until it’s over and we may never know how one decision may change someone else’s life forever.

A kidnapping that is steeped in history. How much would you suffer through to get your child back? What would you do with a secret revealed that would change the you relationship with your husband?

This story deals with mistrust of the world, kidnapping, rape, and secrets revealed. How do you get through something that so drastically changes your world?


Mother May I kept me in suspense all the way through til the end. This was so good. While some of it I saw coming, there was so much there to keep me enthralled that it was worth continuing. I read it in one go via audiobook which was done so well. (I listened to this at x3 speed.

As a mother I felt the heart ache so real. I also can understand the mother’s view of this harsh world. It can easily take you under with so many dark things. (Or is that just me.)

While I don’t agree with rape or kidnapping, I really liked how Jackson took a deeper look into why people do the things they do. You never really know how your actions will effect others. This is what so many of us overlook. The concept of how a person be two contradicting things at the same time really resonated with me. I know different people get different sides of people. If one person brings out the good in you and the other the evil, are you really a good person or an evil one? I know we all have it in us to be either and some people are toxic for us and others help us thrive in goodness.

This definitely looks at the true depths of a person. The simple top coatings striped away to show a more intricate human being inside. The is the reality of us and I think Jackson did so beautifully.

If you enjoy mysteries, kidnappings, and hard toppings you should pick this up. This is a book to make you think about what drives people to do what they do.

I am glad to have received this audiobook from NtGalley in exchange for my honest review.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, click the link to purchase Mother May I.
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