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Lilith is turning a new leaf in her life. While away on holiday she meet Will. They hit it off and have a blast. When the trip comes to an end they part ways.

When Will ends up in need of a designer he remembers that Lily had told him she was one. He decides to find her for the job.

Lily doesn’t know that Will is her new boss. She never thought she would see him again. She had wanted it that way or so she thought. Both have secrets they are holding back. What was created on that trip was an illusion. Is it one that they can ever walk away from happily?


This was the typical trope of a clumsy girl that falls into the arms of a handsome man. This occurs a few times in the book which had me rolling my eyes. I hate this trope. Almost always it does nothing to contribute in a positive way and usually just gets under my skin. Why do girls always have to be portrayed as klutzy in order to have a guy interested and how does that make them appealing to men? Really?!

Luckily, it got better. I really enjoyed that Lily finally caught a break. Her life had been hard and she deserved it. I love that Lily is so talented and she is finally getting to put those skills to use. I enjoyed watching her grow into a more powerful character albeit somewhat fast and forced at times.

Will seems like a good dad while at the same time sounding like one that puts his daughter off onto everyone else. I’m not sure I really liked him. He seemed more of an ass than the romantic ideal. Although, that did make him seem more real than the majority of books out there that have men in such a perfect role that real men could never compete. That is the only thing that I actually find appealing about him.

It was a quick read that I enjoyed enough for what it was. My favorite parts were those scenes with Megan or Poppy and those with the designs in them.

Once I got past the klutzy girl crap, I could find some enjoyment in this book. I think their romance was less of a romance than this book was meaning to be. The arguments are not romantic fuel but rather made me wonder why this is considered a romance.

If you like the clumsy girl trope in your rom-com and think that arguments are a great relationship then this book is a must read. Otherwise, I would say there are so many books out there that you won’t be hurting if you pass on it.

This was given in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley.

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