Book Review | After Happily Ever After by Leslie A. Rasmussen


Maggie’s life is a struggle right now. She is dealing with her teenage daughter who will be going to college soon. The thought of her leaving and Maggie’s whole world changing with nothing for her to do anymore is weighing heavy on her right now.

She is contemplating going back to work but is that even possible since she has been out of the workforce for so long. Is she now irrelevant.

Her husband is distant lately and she is wondering why doesn’t seem to be interested in her anymore. What is going on with him? What happened to the man she married?

Then, her father’s medical situation has caused him to need an assisted living facility and there’s the strain on her relationship with her mother.

There is so much going on in her life. Can she find happiness through it all?


Most of us who are married for any length of time can probably relate to the struggles Maggie is going through with her husband.
If you have children, you can understand the struggles of teenager or you will. Then, even with our painful at times teens we still miss them once they are grown, heading out on there own. We worry about them and ourselves. Being a stay at home parent is a struggle and when you contemplate going back to work it is not always the easiest thing, whether you have been away for 5 years or 18.

As we grow older we also learn the struggles of caring for our parents who are getting older and developing medical issues or dying.

This book does discuss extramarital relationships and what can cause someone to consider this an option even if it’s not something you have ever thought of before. I felt a real connection to Maggie and have been through many of the things she goes through in this book.

I would recommend this to people who are married, have teenage children, been out of the workforce for a while, are having or considering an affair, those with aging parents, and anyone in their middle ages.

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