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Josie is a librarian who moves to a small town in Oregon to lay low for a while because she overheard something she wasn’t supposed to and now she has people looking for her. She hopes this quaint little town will keep her safe until everything back home is wrapped up. Then she finds a dead body on the library grounds.Turns out the boys was of an a “fixer”. Now she’s on the hunt to find out who killed her.

Her whole plan might be falling apart. She doesn’t have much money with her and the on as librarian may be over sooner than she had hoped if the town council decides to sell the library to have a new building put in to create jobs for the little town. Now she is trying to convince the town of all the good the library has to offer its citizens.

And what is going on with the books and this cat? Things she can’t explain keep happening. She is able to help find everyone their perfect book, even ones they didn’t even know they were looking for. Are the books talking to her?


I finish this so quickly. Josie learns so much about herself on this unexpected trip. She discovers things about her family she never new either. These powers she’s experiencing are freaking her out. Is she going insane? She decides to ask her sister since she is a doctor about it. What she learns is so enlightening.

Her love of books that has her doing everything she can to help fight to save this library she has just come to know is wonderful. I think I liked the rest of the story more than the actual murder mystery; the cat, family drama, her powers.

This book had me wanting to visit this library so bad.

If you’re like me (you’ll read most anything about books or libraries) then you will enjoy this one. For the lovers of cozy mysteries, books about books or libraries, witches, powers, and family secrets.

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