Book Review | A Hundred Suns by Karin Tanable

Goodreads | Kindle | Amazon Synopsis: Secrets, lies, deception, betrayal but so much more. Jessie enters Vietnam with such hope of a better future both for herself and her husband. This is quickly shattered dream with things start going wrong.

Happy World Book Day! Tag

Today, we celebrate World Book Day. I know we love books and don’t need a special day to celebrate them but we will. This is so great and today I want to share with you some of the books that make me love books. I encourage you to join in the fun!

Classics Club Reading List | Book List

I just came across this challenge and decided I would join in the fun. I am always talking about getting around to more classics but I am going at it rather slowly so I am going to be joining in here to try to increase those classic reads count. This is hosted by The ClassicContinue reading “Classics Club Reading List | Book List”