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Deka is waiting for her blood ceremony which will determine if she is normal or if she has the gold blood which everyone fears. This has torn families apart and girls get killed for their golden blood because this is seen as a demonic trait.

Deka hopes she has red blood. She longs to be looked at as normal. She wants to be accepted by her village.

However, Deka does not get her wish. Her blood runs gold. Though she has been taught that this is a bad thing Deka must come to terms with new thinking and must embrace her new reality. She is alaki- a near immortal being that is sent to protect against monsters.

She is taken and trained to be a warrior. In doing so she must learn her own strength and embrace this different world where women are not only allowed but encouraged to do things that were forbidden within her village.

She learns new truths at every turn. Will she overcome old thinking and embrace these new ways. Will she accept that her golden blood is how she can help. Will she except the challenges put before her?

Her life is not easy. Gruesome at times. She is stronger than she ever knew.


This was really good. I loved how strong Deka and her friends were and how they helped one another through the struggles. There are friendships, secrets, betrayals and loyalties unexpected, deception, strong women all in one great tale.

I really enjoyed the bond of friendships she created. The relationship loyalty was wonderful. Would you risk your life for someone you cared about?

The ending wasn’t may favorite but still good. I was absorbed in this until the end where I feel it fell short. I know this is set up for a series and I fully intend to finish it when it does arrive. It is expected to be The Merciless Ones and Goodreads says it is expected in October 1, 2021.

Are you looking forward to book two?

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