Book Review | The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery | Contemporary


Mackenzie has a wonderful life, a job she loves, a husband and family that is perfect. Or is it?

Her husband and her hardly speak unless is about the family business, their love life has long since dissipated. That is until the night they decide they aren’t really married but roommates.

Her whole life gets turned upside down when she realize all the perfect life she has is really his. Everything. The family business is his families. The house is his. The car is the business car. Her family is his family and her friends. Everything she has is connected to her husband.
How will she get through this? Will she have anyone left at all once they find out they are getting a divorce? This is Mackenzie’s worries.

And the winery is what she’s been doing since she was old enough to be on her own but she can’t stay after this. It’s not what she wants. She needs to find her own way even if that means losing everything and everyone she loves.


The Vineyard at Painted Moon is a wonderful tale of overcoming the choices you’ve made in relationships to find yourself true happiness and not living in a dull, loveless marriage. So many today live in this state so I think it will speak to many readers. I enjoy a happily ever after which this definitely sets up and accomplishes beautifully.

To realize the person you thought you married is nothing like their true nature. The people you love and trust who turn on you as soon as you no long fit into their perfect plans for themselves. The characters were ugly and mean but all too real. I enjoyed this and think Susan Mallery did an excellent job.

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