Book Review | Mrs. Wiggins by Mary Monroe

Releases on March 30, 2021


This is a historical, women’s fiction with multicultural interests. There are some trigger warnings for this including rape and abuse.

Mrs.Wiggins is about Maggie, a daughter to an alcoholic and a former prostitute. She finds herself a good man to get out of the world she grew up in. She does but not in the most traditional of marriages. Hubert has a secret that brought them closer as friends and to devise this shame of a marriage.

In doing so, they create the perfect life or so it seems to the outside world. That is until things go awry when their beloved son, Claude, gets caught up with a girl that has some sketchy ways and Maggies boss has her brother come to town.


Oh wow! This was some story. I loved that Maggie found her way to the life she wanted. She was a strong woman who worked hard and make things happen.

It is sad that she felt that she had to do what she did to make things work for her. If only she could have found a different way maybe she wouldn’t have ended up so miserable. It does make you think that sometime the way out isn’t always as easy and simple as we think it is and sometimes life can throw a curveball to throw our plans out of wack.

It is such a shame that Maggie wasn’t able to marry that nice man though.

This story has so much in it and done well. I enjoyed listening to Shari Peele’s narration of this.

Thank you NetGalley and RB Media for this Audio ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Let me know what you think of this book. Does it sound like something you would be interested in reading? Are you reading it or have you read it? I would love to read your comments on this one.

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