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The Great Alone is about Leni. She grows up with her mother and father, who returned home from war a different man. As 13 year old Leni grows into a woman you follow her journey.
She is a sweet girl who is bounced around by her father until settling in the Alaskan Bush. The world here is unlike any she had ever known and she learns that it can be harsh and deadly if you’re not careful. Sometimes, the world outside seems so dangerous but what lives inside may be worse.
This is something Leni learns as she grows up and learns that her father is a dangerous man and her mother hid it from her all this time.
Follow her journey as she learns secrets and hides some of her own.


This is a heart-wrenching tale that left me trying not to cry while I was listening to the audio version at work. I fell in love with Leni and the relationship she had with her mom. Since I lost her from lung cancer, this book was a bit rough but I am so glad I read it.
I loved all the Alaskan friends Leni meet and the bond they created. This book was a wave of emotion. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already done so since everyone else seems to have read it already.

This may be difficult if you have ever been in an abusive relationship but I think it depicts the real life situations that can occur and how if you don’t get out in time you can end up dead. It’s funny how it’s always said “they wouldn’t kill me”. I urge anyone in a volatile relationship to seek help and get out as soon as possible before it is to late.

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