Book Review | The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

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This is a tale of a witch, Angrboda, who is burned 3 times and lives. She secluded herself in the deepest part of the woods, away from those that may do her harm.

Odin had punished her for not telling him of the prophecy of the future. Loki is the one who helps her even through her mistrust of him at first. Then, they begin fall in love and have three unique children.

Once found out, these children are in danger and Angrboda learns who she can trust and the love of her children is put to the test. What will she do?


This is Genevieve’s debut novel but you wouldn’t know it with such a well written story. This is definitely a tale about Angrboda. She is a very loving mother of all three of her children. She is like any of us and loves a man that has his faults. The ending was well wrapped up.

The daughter was the most interesting of the children to me. She was unique to me, as I have not found other characters like her. So if it is unique to Genevieve’s imagination she has a lot of potential story to come.

I wish we would have learned more about the place and people before her encounter with Odin. I think this could have been very interesting as well.

So, if you enjoy mythology, well-written debut authors, a woman who loves her children and will do everything in her power for them then check this out!

If you have read this or are reading this, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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