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Tim Underwood did well with the narration of this audiobook. I enjoy listening to the audio versions of business book to get a feel for what they are about since I can listen during my commute. Do any of you listen while on your way into the office?

Work the System tells you that you need to focus on making systems and making sure you keep working on them as things don’t work. Taking action right away will help you keep things up to date and help you save money and time later on. Definitely worth the read. I will be working though the ebook I ended up with from Goodreads giveaways.

Sam explains what he means by systems and describes with stories the things that go wrong when you do not have good systems in place. If you have systems in your business that aren’t working or you’re not sure why your business is not do as well as it was or should be or as you would like it to then pick up this book. It is practical and pretty easy to follow advise.

Businesses need operation systems in place so that everyone knows what to do even when the boss isn’t around. If you do not have well working systems then your business will never be at it’s highest potential. Sam says in his book something that I took as “if your business can’t run without you gone then it’s not a good system.” If you are a business owner your whole goal is to make it work for you not to make more work for you. The point of wanting my own business is so that I can make my own schedule and have money coming in when I’m not physically working. So this spoke to me.

I would definitely recommend this book to every business owner but also to managers and persons of authority in a business who might have a way to implement systems in a business. I know many business owners who would benefit from reading this book and taking action but alas, not everyone will take advise. That is the downfall of many business owners. They think they don’t need help or that they don’t need other peoples opinions. It would be a shame if that were you and your business. So go get this book today!

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