St. Patrick’s Day Reads

Saint Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to add more books to your collection or just borrow some. Here are a few I have chosen to take a look at this year.


There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Clover by Lucille Colando
This seems to be a fun book for children. There are a few learning packs that you can use to go along with this book as well. (Just type “There Was An old Woman Who Swallowed A Clover learning packs” into the search bar and you’ll find ’em. Or you could also try lap book instead)

Strawberry Shortcake: A Berry Lucky St. Patrick’s Day by Mickie Matheis


This is such a wonderful book! We loved it! Lemon Meringue is having everything she attempts go wrong. She gets sad and looses hope that things will turn out right. With a little help from her friends she’ll rediscover how to believe in herself and learn that her friends are always there for her.

Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Rainbow by Grosset & Dunlap


This was another book we’ve really enjoyed. Younger child who are familiar with the show may find this entertaining. Max and Ruby paint rainbows in this fun, short book. With a little help from Ruby you’ll know the colors of the rainbow in no time.

Green Gravy by Beverly Lewis

I’ve heard of these but we have never read any of them. It looks like it will be funny so we might check it out. Green Gravy? Would you try it?

Which makes me thing of Green Eggs and ham!

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

What can I say! It’s green eggs and ham to go with St. Patrick’s Day! Go grab some eggs and ham. Make sure to color them green!

St. Patrick’s Day Sleep Over With My Friend by Call Finsbury

This is a fact book for children that I downloaded from Amazon for free. It is about a girl who has a friend sleep over and how they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This book includes a recipe for pancakes as well. If your child is interested in cooking maybe making the pancakes in the book or a recipe of your own for a fun activity.

The Magic Tree House Series: Leprechaun in Lake Winter by Mary Pope Osborne

We have read several of the Magic Tree House books and the kids really seem to enjoy them.
And to go along with this one is the Fact Tracker companion book.

Fact Tracker: Leprechauns and Irish Folklore by Mary Pope Osborne

How to Catch a Leprechun by Adam Wallace

Would You Rather?

I saw this on Kindle for free. Price may have change since this was written.

My History Teacher is a Leprechaun by Duane L. Oster
This is the 3rd book in this series. I found it free on Amazon. I think my middle two children will enjoy it and thought it would be a fun read for other children as well. It says for ages 8-15.

Saint Patrick’s Pet Dragon and the Irish Pirates by Madison Gates


This book is short and simple with lots of colorful pictures. The author included a pirate, an elf, shepherd, dragon, castle, treasure, leprechaun and a rainbow.I just happened to download this book for free on Amazon. I don’t usually buy children’s books in digital form but it is offered in paperback as well but I suggest the free download first to see if you like it.(If it is still free.)

A few activities to go along with the books:
Painting is a great activity for younger children as well. Have them paint a clover or cut them out and color, paint, glue tissue paper to it. There are really so many possibilities.

Have them create a green crown out of construction paper.

For older children use beads to create clovers.

Create a Rainbow and a pot of gold from paint or cut and glue cunstruction paper together to create the rainbow. You could also use play doh.

Learn about the colors for younger children and mix colors from paint or play doh.

Here’s a Pinterest board for more activities and printable.

For you:

A few books I’m considering for myself:

St. Patrick’s Day Murder by Leslie Meier

A Catered St. Patrick’s Day by Isis Crawford

Irish Eyes by Mary Kay Andrews

Tiny Treats 2: A St. Patrick’s Day Collection by Trish Milburn
This I downloaded for free on Amazon. It is a short read with 21 stories from all different authors.

St. Patrick’s Day for Kids by Noah Thomas

This is another book I downloaded for free from Amazon and it is loaded with ideas of activities for children to do that’s associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

Well that wraps up this post for St. Patrick’s Day ideas. I will add ratings after and if they are read. I hope it’s been a help to you. What I’ve found and what you’ve found may be different so let me know.
And of course have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Have you read any of these? Which do you love? Do you have any that you would suggest?

Also, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog!

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