After All I’ve Done by Mina Hardy

Diana and Johnathan are married but there is trouble in paradise. Diana has been plotting with best friend Val to create a way out of the prenuptials.

Then, Diana is taken to the hospital for a stomach pain but on the way there a car accident occurs. She experiences amnesia and struggles to remember herself, her life and why her best friend won’t talk to her. Every recent memory is gone and the nightmares won’t leave. An overzealous mother-in-law may be more than she can bare. Although kind, Harriet can be a bit much sometimes.

She later finds the answers she’s been looking for but are they what she wanted to find or something so much worse.

This story kept me engrossed the whole way through and the ending through me for a loop. This is definitely great if you like mystery/thrillers and enjoy twisted endings.

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