This time next year by Sophie cousin

This was such a unique cute read for me. I love the story. It is about a name steal and these two babies after they are grown. It was basically a competition with their parents with which baby was going be there first and how these women struggle after this event years later due to the name. This is a complicated romantic situation so unique. Let me know if I’m wrong but I have never come across this situation before in any that I have read. It was a very light, quick read but I think it was terrific.

Quinn gets his name from his mother’s birthroom companion and Mini Cooper gets her name instead of Quinn because they took her name. Both mothers struggle for years after this event because of the situation.

Quinn is dating someone and doesn’t think he could ever truly fall in love. He finds that Minnie is an amazing person that he can just be himself with and have a lot of fun. She finds out that he is someone that can help her overcome her struggles. Both of them had struggled in their childhoods that loom over them still. When they meet it changes things.

Every other chapter changes from the time period in which this book tells the story. It talks about early days when they were in their 20 ‘s and hadn’t met yet. Then, their current 30s in the other chapters.

Definitely a great book to check out for a winter or New Year’s read.

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