2021 Readathons and Groupreads

There are so many that I want to participate in. I’m not really into Twitter so most of what you’ll see here is from Listy, Goodreads, YouTube and Instagram.

#AuthorAMonth on Litsy -year long

#FairyTaleReadingChallenge on Litsy – year long

#LitzyA-Z 2021 Reading Challenge -year long

#ReadHarder year long

#ReadingAsia2021 year long

AYEARATHON – One Each Month

#BookSpinBingo/#BookSpin/#DoubleSpin on Litsy – One Each Month

Booked2021 Seasonal Challenges all year


#JumpStart2021 on Litsy – January 1st-31st

Past & Future Readathon – January 1-31

Read Yo Shelves – January 1st-31st

#NewYearsathon on Instagram- January 1st-17th

Bout of Books – January 4th-10th


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