The Good Mother

The Good Mother tells the story of Charlotte, Amy, and Rachel in alternate narrative. Charlotte moves to town after her boyfriend and father to her 10yo daughter, Meadow is arrested. She is trying to get away and start fresh.

Amy is the perfectly put together mother and wife who has anxiety issues from her mothers rape she saw happen when she was a girl.

Rachel and Amy best friends. Their children go to school together and are on the same soccer team. Along with their other two friends of 10 years.

Charlotte is different and dresses more revealing. Amy takes an instant dislike to her. This takes a spiraling turn of the friends and they start to separate. There is a guy going around raping women, a stabbing, and a death.

This was interesting enough to keep me coming back. I really disliked Amy even trying to understand her situation and reasoning. She was so paranoid and hateful. I’m still confused about the death and not sure how the end is so easily wrapped up. It doesn’t really add up. How do they justify her being at the house? Overall, I it was good. Not as good as it could have been though.

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